5 Unmistakable Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting Visitors into Customers
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#1. You’re Providing a Bad Mobile Experience
One of the main reasons your website isn’t converting visitors into customers is because your site isn’t web optimized. These days, you can count on your customer checking out your site for the first time on their mobile device - if your website doesn’t offer a mobile friendly experience - right sized images, scrolling pages, etc, then you can count on your bounce rate taking off like a rocket ship (Not A Good Thing).
#2. No Call to Action
Your Call To action is the THING you want your customer to do on your site. Know the GOAL to what your site is trying to accomplish. Whether you're prompting the viewer to Read your blog, sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social media - whatever - you need to make sure each time your customer comes on to your website they have another opportunity to BUY your products and services, rather than just reading about them.
#2. No Call To Action
Your Call To Action Is The THING You Want Your Customer To Do On Your Site. Read Your Blog, Sign Up For Your Newsletter, Follow You On Social Media - Whatever - You Need To Make Sure Each Time Your Customer Comes On To Your Website They Have Another Opportunity To Learn More About What It Takes To BUY Your Products And Services, Rather Than Just Reading About Them.
#3. You Do Not Offer Useful Information
In today’s technology heavy landscape - your customers have choice. They're bombarded by messages daily, Which means that if your website isn’t offering helpful or useful information, chances are, they're going to go somewhere else. Make sure you're spending your time creating content and telling stories that people find valuable.
#4. Your Content Is Not Customer-Centric
A better way to turn your visitors into customers is by making sure that your content speaks to them. During your research and planning phase, make sure that you’re using the keywords and the love languages that get your customers excited. Remember, its okay for you to explain the benefits of your product or service, but remember to think of it from the customers perspective. 
#4. Your Content Is Not Customer-Centric
A Better Way To Turn Your Visitors Into Customers Is By Making Sure That Your Content Speaks To Them. During Your Research And Planning Phase, Make Sure That You’re Using The Keywords And The Love Language, Which Gets Your Customers Excited And Wanting To Learn More. Remember, Its Okay For You To Explain The Benefits Of Your Product Or Service, But Make Sure To
Think Of It From The Customers Perspective. Make Sure To Think WHY Tour Customer Is Going To Find Value In Your Content - By Understanding How They’re Using It And Why.
#5. You Have a Slow Site
If your site is slow, chances are, your customers are going to bounce in a hurry. Make sure you’ve built technically sound site which loads all of the different files you upload, easily. Videos, blogs, podcasts and photos sometimes confuse the backend of your site, so be sure things run smoothly and don’t affect your sites performance.
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